John J. Pyles  "Mr. John"

John J. Pyles "Mr. John"

I am a veteran piano teacher with 35 years experience of playing piano and I have been teaching piano for 16 years. My mother had all eight of us playing piano beginning at age 3. She dreamed of having her kids play music or perform in the arts. I have one sister who sings opera in 7 different languages. I have two brothers who have become doctors (cardiology and pharmacology) and a sister who serves as an Account Executive for the United Nations. She resides in Paris, France. My daughter is a 22 year old master pianist and all of my nieces and nephews play as well.


We Practice Piano originated in Kechi, Kansas in the spring of 2000.  We relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in the fall of 2007. This musical organization consists of students from a wide range of diverse nationalities:  African, African American, Asian, Brazilian, British, Chinese, French, German, Indian, Mexican American, Native American, and Russian. We are proud to say that our growth is ever increasing and largely due to student referral!

Education and Experience

Wichita State University

1985 College Degree Graduate

Bachelor of General Studies

  • Piano I & II, Music Theory, Music Terminology, History of Composers, Variety Styles of Music (Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary), Dance (Jazz, Modern and Tap), Languages, Sociology, Socialization of the Family, Child Psychology, Business and Management